Press Kit


Press from the February 2011 Northeast USA Tour by The Celestial Septet

Philadelphia (review of 2/22 concert)
Baltimore (review of 2/27 concert)
Philadelphia preview
Boston Globe preview
Baltimore preview

CD reviews of 2010 release: "The Celestial Septet"

By Nate Dorward, Paris Transatlantic, summer 2010
From Memory Select: Avant Jazz Radio
By Sergio Piccirilli, El Intruso (en Español)
By Troy Collins, Point of Departure
By Jason Bivins, Dusted Magazine, May 2010 By James Hale, Downbeat, August 2010
By Julian Cowley, The Wire, May 2010

Downloadable PDFs of History

Rova Saxophone Quartet: As Was
Rova:Arts: History of the Organization

Critical Acclaim

Review of Rova Quartet in Los Angeles 2011–05-14
Review of Pandaemonium - SF Chronicle 2010-03-09
Ochs Controversy in Spain - NY Times 2009-12-12
Ochs Controversy in Spain - Guardian 2009-12-09
Chamber Music Jul-Aug 2009
Rovate 2009 Sequenza 2009-05-19
The Mirror World Dusted 2008-08-26
Rova Metroactive 2007-09-19
Totally Spinning All About Jazz 2006-11-18
Electric Ascension The Wire
Brakhage SF Chronicle 2005-06-09
Electric Ascension Paris Transatlantic Magazine 2005-06
Rova The New Yorker 2005-05-01